Hilarious Comics Show How Your Office Would Look If Your Boss Were A Cat


Have you ever wondered how your office would operate if your boss were a cat? Maybe, maybe not, but cartoon artist Tom Fonder lets thoughts like this keep him up at night. He decided to dive deeper into the question and answer it for us all through his awesome webcomic titled, The Adventures Of Business Cat.

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, Fonder co-writes these cat crazy comics with Rachel Robins. The pair describes the business-minded feline on their website as: “CEO. Business maverick. Cat. A shrewd businessman and hard-hitting executive, Business Cat is not afraid to milk the corporate cash cow for his taste of the big-time. He pushes the envelope with his integrated approach, maximising leverage, downsizing, rightsizing and other business things.”

Let’s just pretend that your usual boss has quit and hired a cat to take his or her place… here is what your work life now looks like:

Your new boss orders a new photocopier solely for the box

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-13__880Your feline boss will soon be calling you to clean up his coffee, only so that he can knock it over again.

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-2__880He enjoys finding out how many times you will open doors for him regardless if he plans to enter or not.

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-20__880A frightening look at your new bonus system

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-4__880Work, Work, Work, DESTROY

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-9__880Hey, at least you’re free from picking up dry cleaning

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-36__880Hopefully you don’t mind your boss’ butt in your face or on your keyboard.

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-16__880You might have to cover for him when he finds himself stuck in a tree… again…

The-Adventures-of-Business-Cat9__880And you think your current boss watches you too carefully!

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-11__880New rules, new policies

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-23__880Things could get awkward real quick

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-26__880In order to get anything done all laser pointers must be discarded

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-28__880This may or may not work…


adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-8__880Hope you aren’t in a hurry because your new boss doesn’t give a meow

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-35__880At least he has a really cool house (just don’t let your cats see it or they are going to want one too)

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-14__880Hopefully your boss has his own bathroom at the office

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-12__880You never know… if your boss were a cat you just might fall in love!

adventures-of-business-cat-comics-tom-fonder-25__880Photo Credits: businescat.happyjar.comFacebookTwitter

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