World’s Most Incredible Sculpture Gardens

Bruno Torfs - Tutt'Art@

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Sculpture gardens encapsulate the relationship between human and landscape as a place where art, man, and nature intertwine, like the amazing sculpture above, part of a sculpture garden created by Bruno Torfs, a South American-born artist. It contains over 115 pieces to date, including these incredible works pictured below.

bruno torfs wizard

bruno 3

bruno 4

Living Sculptures at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

scoop goddess

plant sculptures

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Atlanta Botanical Garden is home to Imaginary Worlds, a garden enchanted by 28 fantastic living sculptures, including frogs, gorillas and orangutans as well as cobras, an ogre, unicorn, butterflies and more. Earth Goddess, the largest sculpture at 25-feet-tall, dons dramatic new tresses flowing above the Cascades Garden.

Dr. Seuss Memorial Sculpture Garden

seuss garden

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Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Theodor Seuss Geisel, one of the world’s most renowned children’s authors and illustrators was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1904. The Dr. Suess Memorial Sculpture Garden is the home of a number of bronze statues of Dr. Seuss and his characters, created by Lark Grey Dimond-Cates, Seuss’ stepdaughter.

Rock Garden of Chandigarth, India

rock garden

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Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is filled with whimsical concrete figures, waterfalls and interlocking pathways.

Swetsville Zoo, Colorado


Photo Credit: Good Hard Working People via Perpetual Explorer

Bill Swets was a farmer and fireman who started making sculptures when he couldn’t sleep. Today, his an impressive collection of sculptures made out of scrap metal, mostly from farm equipment and vehicles, are quite the menagerie, attracting visitors far and wide.

Park of Monsters, Italy

park monsters

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monster park dragon

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The Park of Monsters in Barmazo, created in 1552, incorporates elements of mythology and symbolism to create a masterpiece of Mannerist sculpture. Mythological creatures are carved into the site’s bedrock, and statues of bears and dragons span the landscape.