World’s Most Fascinating Underground Homes and Hotels


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With the population increasing more and more, it seems building underground homes and hotels, perhaps inspired by the Hobbits, was bound to happen. The Rogner-Bad Blumau Resort in Austria, pictured above, is a designer spa resort with grass covered roofs and surreal rainbow facades. Some of the rooms are underground, with windows facing lit courtyards, while others follow the rolling design of the surrounding landscape.

Estate Lättenstrasse, Dietikon, Switzerland

Estate Lättenstrasse, Dietikon,

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These earth covered houses in Switzerland, designed by Peter Vetsch, are grouped around a small artificial lake with the entrance hidden and integrated at the side of the settlement.

Sala Silvermine Underground Suite, Sweden

sala silvermine suite 1

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You can sleep more than 500 feet underground in an underground suite in historic Sala Silvermine, one of the world’s best preserved mine settings. While it’s damp and dark, you’ll see winding galleries, vast caverns and glistening lakes.

Hobbit Home, Vals, Switzerland

hobbit home switzerland

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This Swiss home designed by Search and Christian Müller Architects in Vals, a town famous for its thermal baths, offers incredible views – and, as it’s almost completely underground, it costs next to nothing to heat in the winter or to keep cool in the summer.

The Brochs of Coigach, Scotland

The Brochs of Coigach

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view from brochs

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The Brochs are as much works of art as the ultimate luxury vacation. The unique buildings near the village of Chiltibuie in the Scottish Highlands are embedded entirely in dry stone walls, timeless in appearance but contemporary inside. Views are absolutely to die for!