World’s Most Amazing Spots to Pitch a Tent

arches camping

Photo Credit: National Geographic

If you enjoy camping, you might want to put these amazing spots to pitch a tent on your travel bucket list. Can you imagine waking up to this incredible scenery every morning? Pictured above, this tent is set up in Arches National Park, Utah, a red rock wonderland with more than 2,000 natural stone arches and giant balanced rocks.

Bolshoi Allo Lake, Tajikistan

big allo lake

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This is the land of blue lakes, clouded peaks and ancient legends, found in the Fann Mountains of Pamir Alai, Tadjikistan. Pitch your tent at Bolshoi Allo, or “Big Echo” lake, where you’ll be surrounded with vertical rocks, waterfalls and majestic peaks.

Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington

sahale glacial

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Sahale Glacier Camp, a collection of flat spots ringed with rocks piled up against the wind in North Cascades National Park hosts some campsites that sit on the very edge of the terminal moraine of the glacier. As you might expect, views here are out of this world. From here, you can see beyond the peaks of Cascade Pass to an endless procession of mountains.

Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Camping in Patagonia provides the opportunity for breathtaking views like this.


illuminated tent under the Northern Lights in a snowy valley of Iceland

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Pitch a tent in Iceland between September and mid-April, and you’ll have the opportunity to watch the Northern Lights right from camp. While your best chances for viewing are from November to February, you’ll need to prepare for chilly temperatures during that time of year.

Kirk Creek Campground, Big Sur, California

Kirk Creek tent

Photo Credit: CassyGirl

You might be surprised to find you can snag a campsite like this in California. Kirk Creek Campground is located near Big Sur, sitting atop the cliffs overlooking the Pacific along one of the most jaw-dropping coastlines on earth.

Another view:

big sur coast

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