The Most Wonderful Castles From Around The World


Since childhood castles are explaind as grand places, full of your favorite fairytale characters and their dreaded evil step mothers. No matter where it is or who lives there, castles contain such a majestic air about them.

Castles can be romantic, spooky, historical, or downright beautiful, and usually they are all of the above. Back in the medieval period, most castles were built as a form of control, so that a ruling family could keep watch over their surrounding town. Today many castles from the past stand tall and proud, a memory of all that has happened there, and all that stands to come.

Let these castles transport you to another world, can you only imagine what living at these castles would be like?! Enjoy these photos of the most wonderful castles found all around the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 

This nineteenth century Romanesque Revival palace is located in the rough hillsides of Bavaria, Germany. The castle overlooks a village of Hohenschwanga.


This gorgeous castle is currently set up as a museum so that many people can enjoy its luxurious appeal. It was built back in 1886 for King Ludwig II, and many of the rooms are still decorated just as he had them back when he called this incredible castle home.

Known as a “shy King” Ludwig had picked the remote and hard to access location in order to be away from the public eye. Today, people come from all over to tour his home, in fact 1.4 million people travel to the Neuschwanstein Castle each year.


Gwrych Castle, Abergele, Wales 


Rock-of-Cashel, Ireland 

This amazing castle located at Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland includes a Gothic cathedral, 12th century tower, and limestone outcrop–and sheep too!


Bojnice Castle, Slovakia 

If you are into Romantic castles with original, 12th century, Gothic and Renaissance elements than you MUST see this incredible medievel castle. Before reaching its ginormous size, Bojinice Castle was originally built as a simple wooden fort.

If this castle looks familiar, it has been used in multiple movies related to fairytales.


Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe, Scotland


Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

This German cliff-side castle was originally constructed in the year 1200. It is said to be inspirited by a novel, and includes 19th-century details. Regular tours go on here, giving you the opportunity to view the castle for yourself.

Lichtenstein Castle

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

This castle houses the current Presdent of the Czech Republic. It is not on a tucked away hillside, like many of the castles on this list. Instead, the Prague Castle is located in the center of the Hradcany district of Prague. It dates back to the ninth century, and throughout its entire existence the castle has served as a home to Kings, emperors, and presidents.

The Bohemian Crown Jewels are hidden safely somewhere inside the walls of the beautiful Prague Castle


Moszna Castle, Poland 


Mont St-Michel, France 

The island that this amazing castle is located on only houses 44 residents and is 240 acres in totality. The island’s 11th century Romanesque castle stands tall above the waters, and for good reason, this island experiences the highest tides found throughout Europe.


Stalker Castle, Scotland


El Alcazar De Segovia, Spain

After a fire partially destroyed this Spanish castle, the damaged parts were renovated using incredibly ornate furnishings and design details.


Trakai Castle, Lithuania 

Trakai Island Castle

Cochem Castle, Germany 


Hochosterwitz, Austria 

The Hochosterwitz castle is known as one of Austria’s most incredible castles from the medieval period.


The Ruins on Castle Island, Lough Key, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland 


As glorious as all castles are, nothing lives forever, not even structures fit for a king and queen. Yet even old and decrepit, and run down past repair, castles always seem to retain their magical quality.

Photo Credits:,, flickr, 500px, Klara Ufii,, Rudy Denoyette, 500px, Conor MacNeill, Enrico Fossati, 500px, Castlelul