David Oliveira Creates Wire Animal Sculptures That Look Like Scribbled Pencil Drawings


Some of the most intriguing art looks like something else entirely, causing the brain and body to do a double take. For instance, the image above looks like a scribbled pencil drawing but is anything but. What you are looking at is a wire animal sculpture created by artist David Oliveira.

The Portuguese artist uses wire to draw in the air, creating incredible sculptures that look like something else entirely—especially when photographed. Your eye naturally wants to believe that the photos of these wire animal sculptures are scribbled pencil drawings, but you must look closer to see the truth. In real life, the sculptures look less like drawings but are still different than any other animal sculpture you have seen before, largely imitating the look of something hand drawn on paper.

Oliveira’s artistic background plays a role in his unique art. In an interview on LinkedIn Oliveira said, “First I got a degree in Sculpture with a specialty in ceramics. After the course ended I started to explore wire, and this lead me to begin a masters degree in artistic anatomy with a special focus in drawing. I kept developing my technique, always experimenting with new ways to clarify my message. Meanwhile my message became broader, but with life as a common theme. I want to represent life in it´s ephemeral expression.”



Pictured below is a side view of the same bird pictured above.

sketchbook-3d-wire-animal-sculpture-david-oliveira-11sketchbook-3d-wire-animal-sculpture-david-oliveira-16sketchbook-3d-wire-animal-sculpture-david-oliveira-5sketchbook-3d-wire-animal-sculpture-david-oliveira-9sketchbook-3d-wire-animal-sculpture-david-oliveira-4Photo Credits: davidoliveiraescul.wix.comFacebook

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