This 80-Year-Old Widow Uses CrossFit to Cope with Husband’s Death, Loses 50 Pounds

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Photo Credit: Now This/Facebook

No matter how old you are, Constance Tillit is proving that age is no excuse for letting your body go. This 80-year-old widow uses CrossFit to cope with her husband’s death, and managed to lose 50 pounds.

Losing a partner you’ve been with for decades is never easy, and many end up wallowing in depression and sadness, letting it take over their lives until they can meet up with their loved one again. But not Constance.

Constance decided to do something rather unconventional. Of course people of her age aren’t exactly known for taking on an extreme athletic training routine, but this senior is different than the rest. Instead of letting heartbreak take over, she took on CrossFit, one of the most grueling workouts around. She also happens to have two hip replacements, two knee replacements and two rotator cuff replacements.

In a video posted to Facebook by Now This, which has gone viral, garnering nearly 8 million views to date, she shows incredible determination in the face of horrific grief.

You can also watch Constance on YouTube here:

The feisty senior also has some good advice for anyone that needs a little inspiration to get moving. She says, “Get up and do it. Stop with the whining, stop with the ‘Oh, you have to take care of me.’ Take care of yourself.”

She also says that when things get tough, she thinks about the love of her life, explaining, “He is with me right now. He was my nurse, my doctor, my friend, my everything. He was my encouragement. He still is my encouragement.”