16 Inspiring Couples Who Chose Matching Wedding Tattoos Instead Of Diamond & Gold Rings


A ring symbolizes love and commitment between two people. You can tell by looking at someone’s hand if they are taken or single, solely by the state of one finger. Not everyone wants to do things the same exact way, some couples are stepping outside of the conventional ‘ring’ box and trying on matching wedding tattoos instead.

The idea may not be for everyone, but the results are certain to get any romantics’ heart thumping! Tattoos are much more personalized than a ring, even if you design the setting from scratch. Plus, unless you buy a certified conflict free diamond, you can’t be sure if the stone was obtained in ways that harmed or even killed innocent people, as many diamonds on the market do; learn more here.

You don’t have to forfeit a ring to get matching tattoos, some couples on this list opted for both. There are just so many reasons to fall in love with these matching wedding tattoos!

1. Check Mate

matching-wedding-tattoos-39__605Photo Credit: michael_batsoulas

2. We Tied The Knot!

matching-wedding-tattoos-5__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. They Won’t Ever Have An Excuse For Forgetting Their Wedding Anniversary

matching-wedding-tattoos7__605Photo Credit: mistyalsop

4. The King And Queen Of Hearts

matching-wedding-tattoos-12__605Photo Credit: twigsbranchphotography

5. Matching Gandalf Symbol Tattoos

matching-wedding-tattoos-3__605Photo Credit: mofrio

6. Matching Tetris Tattoos

matching-wedding-tattoos-11__605Photo Credit: rozochka_tattoo

7. What’s An Owl Without Her Home?

matching-wedding-tattoos-37__605Photo Credit: thenicholsblog.com

8. Disney Fans Swoon!

matching-wedding-tattoos-6__605Photo Credit: melibelliboo

9. Love

matching-wedding-tattoos-17__605Photo Credit: alieghshields

10. Compass To My Heart

It looks like they have matching bracelets too.

matching-wedding-tattoos-10__605Photo Credit:  jeju_roadsnap

11. Beating Hearts Baby

matching-wedding-tattoos-8__605Photo Credit: sugar_spice66

12. This Is What Happens When Two Animal Lovers Become One

matching-wedding-tattoos-7__605Photo Credit: sashaunisex

13. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

image43__605Photo Credit: Zina Dorman

14. To Infinity And Beyond

matching-wedding-tattoos2__605Photo Credit: kelseybites

15. Pinky Promise

matching-wedding-tattoos-9__605Photo Credit: blissbysam

16. I Choose You

matching-wedding-tattoos-16__605Photo Credit: hollyhunt_tattoo

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