Couple Recreates Wedding Pics From 1975 To Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary


Your wedding photos are something you cherish forever, they offer a chance to go back in time and relive the wonderful memories from one of the most special days of your life. One couple decided to celebrate their 40th anniversary by recreating their wedding pics from 1975, and they couldn’t have possibly done a better job!

This couple clearly knows how to have a good time, just as they always have. Their original wedding photos weren’t your typical garden variety; instead some of them were taken on the back of a bike. Of course, they also had a few more classic wedding pics that they also recreated showing their love is just as strong, if not stronger, 40 years after saying ‘I Do.’

It was the couple’s son that uploaded the recreated photos of his parents via reddit under the name Magic976. He writes that his dad “was smooth. They met in a bar called ‘The Lower Level’ and his first words to here were ‘You wanna Boogie?’ If that isn’t the start to a great love story, I don’t know what is.”

He also writes that his mother made her own wedding dress as well his father’s wedding jacket for the big day. Perhaps the most incredible part is that they both still fit in their wedding clothes, in fact they are wearing the exact clothes unaltered in the recreated photos.

40-year-wedding-anniversary-photos-recreate-140-year-wedding-anniversary-photos-recreate-240-year-wedding-anniversary-photos-recreate-340-year-wedding-anniversary-photos-recreate-440-year-wedding-anniversary-photos-recreate-6Photo Credits: magic976

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