Bride Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer And The Results Are Far Better Than Anyone Expected


Planning a wedding involves so many different factors, from the venue to the flowers to the dress, and you can’t forget the photographer and videographer to document the day. It can all get a bit overwhelming and to some brides start to feel inauthentic.

Tallinn-based photographer Liisa Luts and her husband run a small photography and videography business called Melow. Despite all of the weddings and other events they shoot on a regular basis Liisa wanted something different for her own big day. And so on August 28, 2015, the couple said I do, all while being their own wedding photographer.

Liisa and her husband agreed she would be in charge of taking all of the photos, using a mirror whenever necessary. People certainly had their doubts about this idea but the results turned out better than anyone ever expected, perfectly capturing the couple’s identity.

Liisa explained her decision to be her own wedding photographer in an interview with PetaPixel, “I just felt that I want something different, not those posed beauty shots and not that post-processed glamorous photo gallery.” She added, “With all respect to the wedding photographers, I just wanted something more ‘us’…And what could be more real than me taking the photos myself…?”

Liisa didn’t expect her decision or photos to go viral, but that’s exactly what happened. Check out the results of the couple’s self-captured wedding photos and see what all of the buzz is about.


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