Unique Wedding Hall In Japan Will Lend You An Alpaca As Your Witness On Your Big Day


Planning your wedding day is no easy task, there’s the venue, photographer, theme, flowers, dress and the list goes on. As you go about searching for the perfect venue you will encounter all kinds of unique things, but perhaps none match up to what this wedding hall in Japan has to offer.

Hotel Epinard Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture advertises one of the wildest wedding services of all… they will lend you an alpaca for your big day. Yes, a full size white alpaca. The origins of this practice remain cloudy at best, but more than a few couples have taken on the curious service for their wedding. And just look at the surprise on every guest’s face as the four-legged animal humbly walks down the aisle.

The adorable alpacas are borrowed from a neighboring zoo to serve as witness during the ceremony and model for photographs after the ‘I Do’s’ are said. No matter if you think this wedding hall in Japan is too wild for your tastes or not, you can’t deny how cute the alpacas are. Warning to all brides thinking about incorporating an alpaca on your big day: you just might get upstaged!

wedding-alpaca-witness-Epinard-Nasu-japan-3Photo Credit: hosoi

Modern day weddings in Japan are known for being on the formal side, a trend that sparked around the end of the 19th and start of the 20th century. Before this time period a man and woman were considered married if the man regularly visited the woman. Wacky customs involving alpacas are likely a reaction to more elaborate wedding traditions that have risen in popularity all around the world in more recent years.

wedding-alpaca-witness-Epinard-Nasu-japan-5Photo Credit:  Tuyokora

Hey—they say animals help calm your nerves and what better day to get some furry reassurance than on your wedding day?

wedding-alpaca-witness-Epinard-Nasu-japan-4Photo Credit: GENSHI

wedding-alpaca-witness-Epinard-Nasu-japan-2Photo Credit: hosoi

wedding-alpaca-witness-Epinard-Nasu-japan-6Photo Credit: candy-xoxo…

wedding-alpaca-witness-Epinard-Nasu-japan-1Photo Credit: hosoi

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