Urban Tree House Made From 150 Trees Protects Residents From Noise And Pollution


Living in a crowded city takes a toll on the human mind and body, regardless if you notice it or not. According to data based research, if you don’t encounter nature and green foliage on a daily basis it is actually bad for your mental and physical wellbeing–for more reasons than one. Still, some people want to live in the city, as suburbs and rural communities just don’t feel like home.

Italian architect Luciano Pia has the perfect solution, a way to combine lush vegetation with urban landscapes with his latest architectural masterpiece: an awesome urban tree house.

Mr. Pia was the architect behind the unique apartment complex located at 25 Via Chabrera, in Turin, Italy. The 5-story residence is built around 150 deciduous trees with steel girders so that residents can live in a giant urban tree house. The terraces were built to allow for more greenery, and as a result are bursting with large potted trees.


This apartment is a dream come true, it even includes its own lovely pond in the courtyard for you to relax around in the summer, enjoying the natural sounds of the pound paired with the unbeatable shade provided by 150 trees.

The trees shade the apartments from the heat of the sun during the summer, and during the winter when the trees shed their leaves the trees allow just the perfect amount of light to get in. Plus, the trees filter out a good deal of smells and sounds coming from outside so that residents can enjoy a quieter, more peaceful living space while still living in the center of the action.

The building is also good for the city at large, as trees naturally help reduce pollution and provide improved air quality.












This building at 25 Via Chabrera was completed back in 2012. You know what that means… you can see it on Google Maps’ street view! 

Photo Credit: lucianopia.it