Surprise! This Chameleon Is Actually Two Painted Women


Never judge a book by its cover, what looks like one thing can suddenly turn out to be something else all together. Talented body paint artist Johannes Stötter proves that even the most identifiable objects can truly trick you.

The Italian-based artist has created a video depicting how his illusory body art “unfolds” from a believable and beautiful chameleon into two painted women.  Stötter spent a total of 4 hours designing the piece and another 6 hours painting the women with help from his assistant.

Stötter is known for his incredible bodypaint artwork, and a chameleon is far from the only thing he has transformed his models into. He has mastered the talent of using and disguising the natural curves of the human body in order to perfectly resemble something that might otherwise seem entirely unmatched.


The two painted women models underwent quite a process to transform into the chameleon you see here. Their hair was covered in natural clay in order to give the illusion of baldness. From there, hours of detailed work went into painting the models from head to toe.

Stötter says of the painted women behind the chameleon disguise, “The models were two sisters, friends of mine. They were very happy to model for this motive. I am also very happy, it is kind of magic, especially the colors. Most people who already saw it say that the chameleon is even better than the frog and the parrot.”


The self-taught body painter debuted his talents at the 2009 World Bodypainting Festival in Australia, and in 2012 he became a world champion at his craft.

During this time, Stötter has created other amazing works of art as well, including his famous parrot and frog. His frog erupted in popularity back in 2013, and is constructed from 5 people wearing highly detailed body paint.


Don’t forget to check out Johannes Stötter’s website for more of his work and to order prints!

Photo Credits: johannesstoetterart.comFacebook (h/t: mymodernmet)