Two Brothers Recreate Childhood Photos As Wedding Anniversary Gift For Parents


Many things change over the years, but your family stays the same. Matthew Simon Houghton and his brother James created a very clever anniversary gift for their parents that proves just that. Not only is their gift idea heartwarming but also it’s hilarious. With the holidays coming up this might serve as a great way to surprise your own parents this year!

The two brothers gathered up some great photos from their childhood years and then went to work recreating them. While the brothers worked hard to make the recreated photos look very similar to the originals, there are some striking differences.

For one, the brothers now have tattoos, and then there’s the body hair, not to mention the size difference! While the boys turned to men in the photos below are much different today than they were as children, they are still somehow so much the same.

Check out the hilarious results of their awesome anniversary present here!

Does my drawing look good Mommy?


It took time to get all of the details just right, an entire day to be exact, the guys tried not to let any details slip! They did an excellent job, even the clock on the chalkboard is turned to the same time, although it looks like the grown-up drawing is a bit better.

Music Making Brothers

Clearly, these two have developed some super sweet ukulele and wooden flute skills over the years… and one has continued to invest in bunny-adorned overalls. Does that look like a bunny to you too?


Before and after childhood photos are nothing new, in fact many are currently going viral. We recently wrote a post featuring some of the greatest recreated childhood photos–most of which are downright hilarious. But these two brothers take the fun to a whole new level, recreating multiple photos from their childhood in order to brighten up their parents’ special day.

This string of recreated photos was posted to Reddit and Imgur by matthewsimonhoughton. The caption to the post reads, “Me and my bro recreating childhood photos for my parents’ 46th (I know-random…) wedding anniversary- presented last week- they loved it!”

Well of course, what parent wouldn’t appreciate all of the effort these two went through to recreate the perfect photos.

Bath Time Brothers For Life!


If you’re wondering why the bathroom tiles look a little strange, that’s because the guys used green food dye to color the tiles in order to perfectly replicate the green tiles from their childhood bathroom.

Bottoms Up 

No butts about it, this was quite a surprise! Hilarious, and A for effort, but kind of creepy to pose like this for a gift given to your parents–right?!


A Bewitching Brotherly Halloween!

This one makes me laugh so hard, check out the lips on the brother wearing the black cloak. He even sported the same brilliant blue eye shadow!


As a parent it’s never easy watching your kids grow up, but at the same time it’s magical and wonderful all wrapped up into one. Parents always see their children as the little kids they once were, even long after they have turned into adults. And so what better way than these before and after photos to show mom and dad how you have grown and changed through the years, yet remained so much the same.

Brothers In The Box

The Softlan Concentrate box has gone through an identifiable face lift, but the guys get mass bonus points for finding the same brand name box. It almost makes it better that the box has undergone changes but still remains the same, just like the guys sitting in the box.


Photo Credits: matthewsimonhoughton