Serene Beauty of the Tuscan Countryside Captured in Stunning Photos


Photo Credit: Mauro Maione

The landscape photographs taken by Mauro Maione transport viewers to the lush Tuscan countryside with brilliant green fields, rosy pink clouds and endless stretches of wildflower meadows. The beautiful settings in central Italy, include iconic Tuscan villas that sit amidst a sea of green.


tuscan countryside


Maione’s photos truly showcase the vibrant natural beauty that Tuscany’s gently-rolling hills have to offer. Small cottages and trees dot the landscape, though its often the colorful skies that truly steal the show. This fantasy-like world depicts sublime purples, pinks, and blues that occasionally blend with the blankets of ethereal fog.


It’s a wonderful reminder of the importance of getting outside and reconnecting with nature. Tuscany is ideal for horseback rides, biking, walking, or just quiet contemplation. The autumn season is especially wondrous with stunning fall foliage, as well as being the high season for food – truffles and mushrooms, chestnuts, chocolate and nougat all enjoy their own festivals in October, and it’s also time for the vineyard harvest.

Castello Banfi allows visitor to stay in a medieval castle that’s been transformed into a luxurious hotel, sitting at the center of the biggest wine estate in Montalcino. Spend your days strolling through the olive groves, enjoy tours and tastings and even private cooking lessons and balloon rides.