Turn That Frown Upside Down With These Adorable Dancing Pups

dancing dogs1

Photo Credit: i.chirkup.me, imgur

Having a bad day? While dogs are often enough to turn a frown upside down, DANCING dogs are practically guaranteed to do the trick! Try NOT to smile while watching these – can you do it?

The only thing cuter than a puppy is five adorable puppies – all being particularly cute at the same time. In a video uploaded to Imgur, five Alaskan Malamutes are seen turning their heads from side to side like five incredibly aww-inducing metronomes. The result is almost hypnotic.

It’s a Malamute Thing.

Not far behind are the quadruplet pugs. Only slightly less cute because there are four rather than five. The Pug Head Tilt Pugs, Minnie, Mabel, Max and Monte, made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in 2009.

This Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix is shaking his thing to Eminem’s “Shake That” – well, maybe that’s actually rhythmic butt scratching, but we think it still counts.

Hairless Nathan is an incredibly entertaining and hilarious, hairless Chinese crested who was adopted through Bald is Beautiful Hairless & Small Dog Rescue. He LOVES to “wiggle it” in the chair for treats, “Gangnam Style.” Go Nathan!

Then, there is the famous daycare dog that does an amazing happy dance when its owner arrives. Pretty good salsa, don’t you think?

Anytime you’re feel grumpy, just come back to these super cute dancing dogs!