These Tropical Cliff Jumpers Have No Fear of Death… Completely Insane!


It’s no secret that the stunning tropical islands within the state of Hawaii give travelers numerous reasons to visit every year.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their day soaking up the sun on a white sand beach

where palm trees are a plenty and the ocean serves as a playground for a plethora of water activities?

But if you’re looking for something more thrilling than

hanging 10 on a longboard or snorkeling with sea turtles,

the thrill seekers in this video have an idea for you.

How does jumping off a towering cliff face into the vast ocean below sound?


If that’s appealing, than you might just be able to join the ranks of these cliff jumping dare-devils.

They certainly show no fear as they intentionally plunge off the edge of rocks and cliffs into the water below, many even showing flair with back flips, “gainers” (aka forward backflips), and other tricks that they somehow manage to make look effortless. And if their daring acts aren’t enough to impress you, the surrounding scenery certainly will be.cliff-jumpers-02

These cliff jumpers aren’t just practicing their craft anywhere, but among some of the most beautiful water-front settings you can imagine. There are steep cliff faces, jagged rocks, lush tropical rain forests, flowing waterfalls, and lots of stunning blue ocean water. They seriously knew how to take advantage of the many diverse landscapes that Hawaii has to offer.

As you continue to watch the video you can’t help but get caught up in the energy of it all. The music is upbeat, the jumpers are smiling ear to ear, and crowds of people are cheering in excitement. You may even feel the need to join in and throw a quintessential Hawaiian “shaka”. Go ahead, make a fist, extend your thumb and pinky fingers, and give it a shake.cliff-jumpers-03

See? Aren’t you feeling that contagious Aloha spirit already? These people are so enthusiastic about their cliff jumping, they even have a jumper leaping off in a monkey suit!

And this group of jumpers aren’t the only people who are so excited about cliff jumping – it’s become a popular sport all throughout Hawaii. With such amazing weather, beautiful surroundings, and ample opportunities to leap into surging blue ocean waves and waterfall adorned rivers, this activity has been taking the state by storm.

When on one of the several islands, you can easily find numerous opportunities to satisfy your thrill-seeking desires by plunging off cliffs into waters below. Although, do so with caution, as you never completely know what lies within and beneath the water’s surface, and the activity can have some serious repercussions.cliff-jumpers-06

Luckily, these cliff jumpers seem to seasoned pros at their activity and flawlessly plunge themselves into the depths of water below – or at least for the most part. One jumper in particular fails to “stick the landing”, so to speak, and receives an appropriate response from the crowd, who almost seem to feel his pain.

But that certainly doesn’t stop any of the fun, as the video still has numerous shots of cliff jumpers leaping into the waters below. Whether they be doing flips off cliff faces, leaping into the air next to a scenic waterfall, or jumping in pairs with friends, there seems to be no limits on what these cliff jumpers can do.

Their techniques are impressive, the heights jaw dropping, and the tropical scenery stunning. What’s not to love about this fantastic video of cliff jumping in an island paradise?cliff-jumpers-07

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