Grandfather Builds Amazing 3-Story, 40-Feet Tall Treehouse For Lucky Grandkids


There are treehouses and there are EPIC treehouses. Grandfather and handyman Jay Hewitt definitely knows how to go big when it comes to building cool things for his grandkids. The Massachusetts-based grandfather used his creativity and experience as a contractor to build a 3-story treehouse that reaches 40-feet-tall.

Long before Hewitt’s now 5-year-old grandson and 4-year-old granddaughter were born, he already knew he wanted to build something neat for them. Hewitt said, “I wanted to build a treehouse for them. You’ve never seen a a treehouse like the one I’m gonna build for them.”

Hewitt has fond memories of a much smaller treehouse from his childhood, “but it was basically a 4-by-8 sheet of plywood. I never dreamed that a treehouse would be anything like this.”

He was greatly inspired by the Animal Planet TV show “Treehouse Masters” to make something far more incredible than your average treehouse.

His lucky grandkids are now enjoying a whole new level of treehouse, in fact Hewitt’s treehouse looks like a house you would actually want to live in… even as an adult! Hewett started construction on the massive treehouse around two years ago.


The treehouse is located in his backyard on Marbury Drive. It is supported by 4 maple trees and is still considered a work in progress. The interior still needs work, which Hewitt plans to tend to next. He and his wife have plans to sell their property in the near future, but if he doesn’t find the right buyer he’s happy to continue expanding the already massive house in the trees. In fact, he already has plans to build another structure connected by a rope bridge.

tree-house-three-stories-jay-hewitt-massachusetts-2Two people hoping the house doesn’t sale are his grandkids, both of which love playing in the fantasy treehouse when they come visit grandma and grandpa. It’s not just the kids that have fun exploring up in the trees; the Hewitts also enjoy summertime meals up in the treehouse and often use it to host guests.

tree-house-three-stories-jay-hewitt-massachusetts-6No matter if the house sales or not the treehouse fun won’t end. Hewitt has plans to build more mega treehouses no matter where he lives next.

tree-house-three-stories-jay-hewitt-massachusetts-1Learn more about the massive treehouse in this video:

Photo Credits: thesunchronicle

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