Mesmerizing Tree Chandelier At Hall Vineyard In California


Every dinner party needs this incredible tree chandelier, which is every bit beautiful, complicated and intriguing. Two talented artists Donald Lipski and Jonquil LeMaster collaborated to elegantly craft the stunning chandelier. They made it so that it looks like the roots of a tree growing down from the ceiling with glittering limbs reaching out above the guests below.

The tree limbs sparkle and delight thanks to the 1,500 Swarovski crystal ‘grapes’ adorning the spectacle. There are also perfectly placed twinkle lights tucked up inside, allowing the chandelier to simultaneously serve as a focal piece and light source for dimly lit dinner parties and wine tastings.

If you’re daydreaming about sipping wine under this fairytale-like tree chandelier you will find it at Hall Vineyard located in Rutherford, California. It hangs in the vineyard cellar where guests come for wine tastings surrounded by lavish décor.

The chandelier has a name, ‘Chilean Red,’ which if you look carefully enough you will notice is an anagram for the word chandelier.

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You can book a wine tasting beneath this chandelier and enjoy trying some of Hall Winery’s most prestigious labels. At the time of writing this, the 90-minute experience costs $100 per person for members and $125 for everyone else.

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