Translucent Waves Captured In 19th Century Russian Paintings Will Hypnotize You


Growing up in the port town of Feodosia, 19th Century Russian Armenian artist Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky considered the waters a childhood friend. As he grew up he developed a love for painting the sea with stunning clarity.

His true talent, for which he is still widely praised for, was capturing every last detail of waves; in fact the waves in his paintings look like the real thing due to their light and luminous qualities. His translucent waves are often paired with ships and other human elements in order to highlight the struggle between man and nature, a constant flow of give and take.

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky dedicated his career to art, during which time he painted over 6,000 masterpieces. More than half of his artwork captures the raw beauty of the sea as well as the ships that strive to sail atop the choppy waters. In order to gain inspiration he was known to attend naval manoeuvres. He even painted the siege of Sevastopol.

The talented artist gained praise throughout the Russian Empire and beyond, receiving awards from France, Turkey, and elsewhere.

mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-1It is the texture and translucency that sets Aivazovsky’s waves apart from other artists, still to this day it is nearly impossible to capture the waters with such realistic clarity.

mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-91mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-4mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-5mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-6mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-7mesmerizing-translucent-waves-19th-century-painting-ivan-konstantinovich-aivazovsky-3Photo Credits: (h/t: BoredPandamymodernmet)

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