Artist Transforms Fruit Into Stunningly Realistic Fantasy Characters

dragon watermelon

Photo Credit: Valeriano Fatica

Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica transforms fruit by carving things like watermelons and pumpkins into stunningly realistic heads of fantasy characters and animals.

In the amazing carving pictured above, Fatica turns a simple watermelon into the head of a terrifying dragon. What’s even better is that he captured the entire process on video so that we can all see this masterful fruit sculptor work his magic.

The multi-talented Fatica, who describes himself as a painter, sculptor, performer, and carver of fruits and vegetables on his website, has created many stunning fruit carvings – this particularly impressive dragon is simply his latest. Some of his creations include visages of a White Walker from Game of Thrones, Batman’s Joker and H.P. Lovecraft‘s tentacled deity Cthulhu.

joker fruit

white walker


You can watch him at work creating Cthulhu too.

He’s created incredibly anatomically correct sculptures with pumpkins, squashes, potatoes and even plantains. He does all sorts artistically, and a multitude of other videos on his YouTube channel display more of his talents wielding carving tools.

No matter what fruit he uses, the carving takes an enormous amount of patience. The planning that goes into something like is rather impressive alone, not to mention getting hold of exactly the right shaped melon.