Tiny Road Signs For The Tiniest Residents In Vilnius, Lithuania


Road signs tell us to watch out for children at play, horse crossings, and school zones, but what about all of the tiny animals that need to cross the road? Creative agency CLINIC212 based in Vilnius, Lithuania came up with the perfect solution to help some of the smallest creatures in town.

The #TinyRoadSign project has resulted in the city of Vilnius being dotted in adorable tiny road signs. These signs will hopefully help small animals get across the street without being stampeded by humans in a hurry.

All of the signs you see here are located in Vilnius… for now. Perhaps others will be inspired to create tiny road signs for native species in other parts of the world. If you decide to add some new road signs around your neck of the woods make sure to take a photo of it with the hashtag: #TINYROADSIGN!

Airport for the birds, located in park on Tauro hill

Duck swimming pool, located in Žvėrynas area

Rest area for cats, located in backyard in Naujamiestis area

TINYROADSIGN-road-signs-for-animals2__880Crosswalk for hedgehogs, located in Vingis Park

TINYROADSIGN-road-signs-for-animals__880The talented photographer behind the lens of these photos is Greta Gedminaitė.

A peek behind the set-up process for the adorable tiny road crossing signs…

making2__880making3__880Photo Credits: clinic212.com, Facebook

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