There’s An Amazing House In Tehran Whose Rooms Rotate 90° To Adapt To The Weather


This house looks pretty nifty… but is it just me, or is that room moving?  Next Office

 is an architectural company based out of Tehran that has invented a whole new way to live by the weather. The Sharifi-ha House was finished last year (2013), and allows you to shift the location of any room by simply pressing a button. On blazing hot days, when you are in a bad mood, or if you just want darkness for a much needed nap, press a button and the room will rotate up to 90 degrees.

In Old Iranian mansions, builders would traditionally include a winter and summer living room. But having 2 rooms serve the same purpose takes up a lot of square footage. The Sharifi-ha House offers you a way to make rooms appear perfect no matter the weather or time of year, because within this 7-story house, 3 of the rooms are capable of flipping directions.

Check out the rotating house for yourself!


The three rooms that rotate include the breakfast room located on the house’s first floor, the guest room located on the second story, and the home office tucked upstairs on the third floor. Of course, depending on who lives in the home can change the use of each rotating room to suit their actual needs.

In the summer time the Sharifi-ha House is designed to offer a very light and bright transparency. During the winter, the rooms shift around so that the home appears more closed-off from the storm. Yet, just because the rooms can turn away from the window, doesn’t mean the whole house goes pitch dark. The house is specially created so that it revolves around a central void, which allows the light from outside to pass through.

The architects that made this design a reality say, “When the turning boxes are closed, the building captures sunlight throughout the space of the central void, which also connects the two fixed volumes by suspended bridges.”


Since the balconies can be moved to a specific position, you can rotate one balcony to face another, granting the perfect way to talk to someone on a different floor of the house without having to up or down the stairs! It doesn’t have to be all open, or all closed, instead with the Sharif-ha House you have the freedom to make your house look a variety of different ways by twisting and turning your rooms and adjoining balconies just so.


In a world where the only constant is change, the designers of this home wanted to create something capable of keeping up. The designers write about the project on their website, saying, “Uncertainty and flexibility lie at the heart of this project’s design concept.” This house truly allows you to feel like an extrovert one day, and an introvert the next.

When the designers first saw the piece of land that this project had to work with, they immediately noticed that it was much deeper than it was wide. This gave them the perfect space to create a house that was able to rotate its rooms.


Are you wondering just how the house actually turns up to 90 degrees? Rotating theater seats and cars on rotating platforms (like what you’d see at a car show) both use the same turning mechanism. This is the same exact system used for the rotating rooms.

The Sharifi-ha House is cool on so many different levels. It looks great from the street, with its modern bamboo detailing and clear glass balconies, plus its motorized to move just how you want it. A personalized house that can adapt to fit your ever-changing needs…this domain keeps sounding better and better!


Photo Credits:, slate