When This Guy’s Taxi Driver Said He Had Never Been To A Theme Park This Is What He Did


What do you do when your taxi driver has never been to a theme park before? You take them along!

Liam Murphy from Cork, Ireland was on a work trip in the UAE as a test engineer when he decided to take the day off and have some fun. Liam hailed a cab and took the two-hour trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to go to the theme park Ferrari World.

On the way there he got to know his cab driver, a man named Shakiha whose entire family lives back home in India. He works in Dubai in order to send money home to them each month. When Liam found out that Shakiha had never been to a theme park and “was going to wait in the car for 4 hours” he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to invite him along.

Liam purchased the $61 ticket for Shakiha and so began the awesome adventure, including Shakiha’s first ever rollercoaster ride. “He was great entertainment. I bought him some pizza on the way home.”


In an interview with Buzzfeed Liam said, “Every time he drops passengers off he stays in the car for the day.” Liam couldn’t stand the thought of him just sitting in the car and was excited for Shakiha to experience his first amusement park.

taxi-dr4iver-theme-park-first-time-liam-murphy-4Imagine living and working in a foreign country to support your family still living back home. So many people from all parts of the world go through this very difficult and emotionally taxing lifestyle. Let Liam be your inspiration. You can help someone feel more at home even when everything that feels like ‘home’ is so far away.

taxi-driver-theme-park-first-time-liam-murphy-1Photo Credit: Facebook

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