Internet Falls in Love With Teeny-Tiny Horse That Can’t Stop Chasing ‘Giant’ Human

tiny horse human

Photo Credit: YouTube/Sterling Bartow

A couple of videos posted on YouTube recently are causing people across the globe to fall in love with the star: a teeny-tiny horse who only just made an entrance into the world last week.

Though the miniature horse hasn’t had a whole lot of experience yet, it already likes what it has to see. The adorable baby loves chasing after one of his caregivers, Sterling Bartow, and seems to have decided that Sterling is his new BFF.

Wherever Sterling goes, the young colt named Sammy follows. When he finally catches up to him for a well-deserved snuggle, Sammy wags his little tail just like a pup. And, it just might be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

horse chasing human

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