See What This Guy Did After Overhearing Teens Make Fun Of 75-Year-Old Man’s House


Josh Cyganik was just minding his business out at work as a railroad track inspector when he overheard a couple of teens make fun of a 75-year-old man’s house. One of the kids said, “Look at this crappy house they just need to burn it down!” Homeowner Leonard Bullock sits on his porch every day and could easily hear the rude words.

The Union Pacific employee couldn’t get the kids’ cruel words out of his head, not even after he went home for the night. He told UPRR, “I don’t think any elderly person should have to endure what I heard from those two kids’ mouths. I kind of stewed about it for a couple days before I decided to do something.”

Josh decided then and there he was going to make Leonard’s house look like new again with a fresh coat of paint. After getting permission from Leonard to paint his house, Josh convinced Brian Christensen at Tum-A-Lum Lumber to donate paint for the job.

After everything was secured in place, he sought help from his Facebook friends with this message:

“…I was at work a couple weeks ago and I heard 2 teenage boys walked by this old man’s house…[and] they said loud enough for me to hear ‘look at this crappy house they just need to burn it down’!… So I’m asking if anyone that wants to help this Saturday to volunteer their time to help paint this gentleman’s house!”


Josh was overwhelmed by the amount of support he recieved. Over 95 volunteers showed up “excited and willing to help.” It wasn’t just locals from Idaho, people from as far away as California, Washington and Texas came into town to help out too.

house-makeover-paint-josh-cyganik-7Only half-way through the renovation process and the house already looked so much better…

house-makeover-paint-josh-cyganik-5Take a look at the final results…

house-makeover-paint-josh-cyganik-4In an interview with Daily Mail Josh said, “According to the media, I’m a hero. I’m not a hero, I just heard something that bothered me.”

house-makeover-paint-josh-cyganik-10Photo Credits: Josh Cyganik

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