Mom Documents Kids Spending Idyllic Summer Without Computers


As kids everywhere head back to school for the year they leave a summer filled with fun memories behind them. What did your kids spend their summer doing? In the ‘good old days’ kids spent their summers running around outside, exploring new territory, playing pretend and befriending all kinds of animals. But in today’s technology-ruled world a large percentage of kids spend a considerable amount of summer looking at computer, tablet and TV screens.

Since 2012, photographer and mom Izabela Urbaniak has been documenting her children and their cousins enjoying the peace of summer without computers. The kids spend their holiday in the countryside, sans computers, PlayStation or the Internet. Instead they have one another, endless fields of green, a lake, and plenty of animals to keep them entertained.

While many kids (and adults) might fear the worst without their trusty iPhone or laptop, as it turns out life without electronics is surprisingly carefree, happy and pleasant. Judging by these photos it’s actually a lot more fun to live life without technology, at least for a month or so.

Urbaniak writes via Bored Panda, “I am very glad that for a while I can feel like in my childhood. I watch them, often participate in games or even invent them. There, I’m happy…”

NB2A0859__880Urbaniak’s four children are 13, 9 (x2), and 6-years-old. “I would like my children to enjoy such a carefree childhood as long as possible… enjoying their summer with my two dogs Tosia and Leia, and dogs in the neighborhood.”

NB2A2014__880For all of you photography buffs out there, Urbaniak uses a Canon5D Mark III with a 50mm f 1.4 lens and occasionally an 85 mm f 1.2 lens.

IMG_1936__880IMG_17561__880NB2A3336__880NB2A5691__880NB2A9398__880Summertime-part-two__880NB2A8492__880bj__880NB2A0539__880Summertime-part-two1__880NB2A3322__880NB2A2374a__880NB2A8293__880NB2A5728__880NB2A9958__880See more of Izabela Urbaniak’s incredible photos on her Facebook page.

NB2A0814a__880Photo Credits: Facebook

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