Stunning Rainbow Photos That Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

rainbow photo

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Rainbows are an optical and meteorological phenomenon that often seem to appear out of nowhere, dazzling the horizon with brilliant bands of colors. You might recall the “Double Rainbow” guy, Paul “Yosemite Bear” Vasquez, who became an Internet sensation following his sobbing, ecstatic reaction to a double rainbow in 2010. He genuinely erupted into moaning fits of ecstasy, and then broke down into sobs of existential wonderment. While rainbows may not bring you to tears, you have to admit, their presence is almost magical, and these stunning rainbow photos offer some of the most breathtaking images.

The double rainbow in the picture above occurred at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska.

double rainbow

Photo Credit: Flickr David Ian Roberts

David Ian Roberts, the photographer of this image, said about this stunning sight in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland: “Just as we reached the saddle of Stac Polaidh we were rewarded with the best rainbow(s) I have ever seen.”

rainbow circle

Photo Credit: Flickr: Patrick Emerson

This rainbow almost looks as though it’s a perfect circle due to the reflection in the water.

Rainbow Auckland

Photo Credit: AJSW

A breathtaking rainbow over Auckland, New Zealand.

Double rainbow little bighorn

Photo Credit: Nomadic Lass via

This brilliant rainbow appeared following a severe storm a few miles north of the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Montana.

rainbow rabbit ears

Photo Credit: Mike Koopsen via

Finally, this spectacular rainbow was taken over the red rocks of Rabbit Ears in Sedona, Arizona.