Stunning New Galaxy Hair Becoming Popular Trend: Would You Try It?

galaxy hair

Photo Credit: @the leopardloungemach

There have been all sorts of colorful hair styles gaining popularity this year, like the “rainbow” style, but we have to admit, the new Galaxy Hair is pretty cool. The style seems to be sparked from all of the space travel, planet discoveries and astronomy news this year, resulting in an “astronomically colorful approach to dyeing hair,” as My Modern Net writes, adding, “Taking inspiration from the cosmos, people are dyeing their hair to mimic the vibrant beauty of the vast universe—including nebulas, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), and many more intergalactic phenomena.”

It’s not just women who are dying their hair in these spectacular shades of purples, greens and blues, men are getting in on the fun too, dying their manes in this colorful hues.

This style, like past hair trends, isn’t exclusively for females either. Men are joining in, dyeing their manes stellar shades of blues, purples, and greens. People are posting images on Instagram of their new multicolored dye jobs and also including inspirational shots of the solar system, tagging them #galaxyhair or #spacehair if you want to check them out.

Not only do the colors look fabulous but you can see how well the inspiration photos translate into hair colors. What do you think, would you consider trying this new style?


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