Mexican Government Unites Local Community By Asking Street Artists To Paint Over 200 Houses


The district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico just got a huge facelift thanks to many pounds of brightly colored paint and some talented street artists. The youth organization Germen Crew is known for using graffiti to make powerful points of expression. After teaming up with the Mexican government the two forces were able to transform the Palmitas district into something else entirely, while simultaneously uniting the community that calls this part of Mexico home.

The Germen Crew street artists used their painting talents to beautify 209 houses and create 20,000 whopping square meters of rainbow mural. The goal of the project was to bring the community together by creating a sense of tradition and togetherness. According to streetartnews the project has been a total success, positively impacting 452 families, or a total of 1,808 people. In fact, violence against youths has been completely wiped out and a few new jobs have been created as well.

crew-germen-graffiti-town-mural-palmitas-5The German Crew, which literally translates to “germ crew,” is not just focused on creating high quality graffiti. The team of do-gooders also makes community involvement a huge priority. As a result, the district of Palmitas has seen unexpectedly amazing results, plus the community is now a bright and beautiful new haven for locals and tourists to enjoy.

crew-germen-graffiti-town-mural-palmitas-1Tags are known as the lowest ranked form of graffiti while macro murals like the ones painted across the Palmitas district are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Graffiti often gets a bad reputation but as this project proves street art is a powerful tool that can change lives for the better, including the lives of an entire community.

crew-germen-graffiti-town-mural-palmitas-9crew-germen-graffiti-town-mural-palmitas-gif-2It was a lot of work to transform so many white buildings into a colorful mural that perfectly blends together as one. The efforts were clearly well worth it looking at the final mural, a collection of houses transformed into a united rainbow of hope and love.


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