This Is The Most Genius (And Fun) Way To Stop People From Littering


The UK organization Hubbub has created a host of awesome devices to stop people from littering the streets of London. One of their latest clever projects is focused exclusively on smokers and the cigarette butts many leave behind.

Hubbub’s creative teams have crafted a few different devices to promote throwing cigarette butts away. These fun inventions include a musical device that plays a song whenever someone deposits a cigarette butt inside. Another is a container complete with a question, which you answer and contribute to the poll by throwing your cigarette butts into the clear view container.

They haven’t forgotten about the gum chewers (and polluters) of the world. After all, it costs 56 million euros ($63,492,800 US dollars) every year to simply clean gum off streets in the UK. You don’t want to swallow your gum and risk holding it in your belly for years, but you don’t want to spit it out on the streets either. Hubbub’s device for depositing gum is a specially designed board that encourages people to connect the dots to puzzles, riddles and factoids using their old and tired gum.

The anti-littering organization shares on their webpage, “Our public polling discovered that a staggering 86 per cent of people think littering is a disgusting habit yet only 15 per cent of us would actually confront someone and tell them that. This is why from May to October we’re trialling a new approach to tackling littering on Villiers Street, Westminster, using the latest thinking on behaviour change and awareness raising from around the world.”

The only way to ‘vote with your butt’

cigarette-butt-voting-neat-streets-london-13Photo Credit: Charlie Elliott

cigarette-butt-voting-neat-streets-london-3Photo Credit: Sarah E Clarke

Use your old gum to spread littering awareness, as well as answer fun questions, riddles and puzzles.

cigarette-butt-voting-neat-streets-london-16Photo Credit: Design Week

cigarette-butt-voting-neat-streets-london-2Photo Credit: Catherina Jones

Learn more and contribute to the cause on the official Hubbub website, FacebookInstagram or Twitter!

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