Stunning Photographic Images That Look Like Impressionist Paintings

Matt Molloy 1

Photo Credit: Matt Molloy

Living on the shores of Lake Ontario, just outside of Toronto, photographer Matt Molloy has been capturing brilliant sunsets and cloudscapes on film for more than three years. One day he began experimenting with time-lapse sequences by taking hundreds of images as the sun sank below the horizon and the clouds moved through the sky. He then digitally stacked the numerous photos to reveal shifts in color and shapes reminiscent of artist brush strokes that smeared the sky.

The process Molloy uses is similar to long-exposure photography, but since he’s dealing with many single images, he has more control over the outcome.

While the most dramatic parts of the images tend to be the skies, with their rippling, colored clouds and star trails, his photos often include human-made items like power lines, roads, wind turbines, and more. These items, with their fixed, geometric forms, stand out against the constant motion of nature, and make the progression of time seem all the more dramatic.






What would otherwise be standard, though still picturesque, shots of night skies, fields and lakes become otherworldly in this talented artist’s hands.

Keep up on his latest projects and get some behind-the-scenes info on Molloy’s Tumblr, and see more of his work on both his Flickr and 500px accounts.