Sports Car with Solar Panel Exterior Can Drive All Day Without Being Recharged

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EVX Ventures based out of Melbourne, Australia is making its debut into the electric automobile market with a rather striking and futuristic looking aerodynamic sports car with solar panel exterior that can drive all day without being recharged, using power from the sun.

Called The Immortus, the sleek two-seater has an unlimited traveling range due to the 75 square feet of solar photovoltaic paneling on its exterior. That means you wouldn’t have to stop and recharge over long distances, easing the fear of running out of power and making road trips a lot more convenient.

It uses technology that came from a project originally funded by Australia’s Aurora Solar Car Team. Their photovoltaic innovations meant that the vehicle only needs a small 10 kWh lithium-ion battery to power its twin motors, and it’s also what gives the car its infinite-range capabilities—as long as the average speed is about 37 miles per hour. If the speed is increased to 53 miles per hour, the company estimates your total driving range will be about 342 miles. And on non-sunny days or at night, it can go 248 miles.

CEO and co-founder of EVX, Barry Nguyen says the company is “not trying to be Tesla,” explaining, “Tesla is a mass manufacturer of cars, we’re designers of boutique custom electric cars and aftermarket products.”



Nguyen added, “There’s regulations in the US and Australia that allow for individually constructed vehicles. Essentially what that means is that if you contract a custom car builder with the designs and components, you can build a road legal car without the crash testing and the 5-10 million dollars you’d have to raise to do that. We plan to sell those cars in low volume.”

EVX hasn’t announced when The Immortus will be on the market, but when that happens, they expect to sell only about 100 of the vehicles at a projected price tag of $370,000.

The company will be showcasing its design and associated technologies at the world renowned 2015 Speciality Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.