15 Mesmerizing Examples of Spiral Staircase Photography


Staircases may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of amazing architecture, but these set of spiraling stairs are far from ordinary.

Technically though, while most would label them as spiral-looking, many of these stairs are actually helical. To be considered a true spiral staircase, they must revolve around a central point. Instead, helical stairs revolve at a set distance from a central point and take up more space in general.

However, whether spiral or helical, all of these staircases are phenomenal.

1. “Momo Stairs” – Naoto Tsujimoto

These stunning and ornate stairs are featured in the Vatican Museum. They’re composed of two separate helixes, one leading up and the other leading down, twisting together to create a double helix formation.


2. “Down the Well” – Matthias Haker

The Quinta da Regaleira, an estate in Sintra, Portugal, has two Initiation Wells that far are from your average water well. They better resemble underground towers that are lined with stairs.


3. “In the Eye of Basilisk” – Lucas Portee

According to the photographer, this staircase was discovered in an abandoned castle in the middle of nowhere. The mysterious location only adds to its mystical appearance.


4. “Crazy Eye” – Izador Gasperlin

These beautiful wooden spiral steps have a haunting look, with the addition of that glowing green light.


5. “Falling” – Matthias Haker

Another unknown location with a spectacular staircase. Even though the paint is peeling and it looks a little worse for the wear, the stairs retain much of their original beauty.


6. “Follow the Red” – Laszlo Gal

This set of stone stairs can be found in Bory Castle of Szekesfehervar, Hungary. The castle was self-built by Hungarian sculptor and architect Jeno Bory between 1923 and 1959, with the help of several of his students.


7. “Gotham Spiral” – Matthias Haker

A spectacular shot of a staircase that almost makes you feel dizzy just looking at it.


8. “Vortex” – Vincent Spanneut

A photo of the spiral staircase in Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Staring down the center, it seems as if the stairs go on forever!


9. “Magic Staircase” – Tony Antoniou  

The Headquarters of the Magic Circle, a British Organization that promotes the art of magic, is home to this extraordinary bright blue staircase.


10. “Clip” – Gabriel Biel

A hotel in Hannover, Germany features this winding set of stairs. The bright red rails certainly give a pop of color in contrast to the speckled black stairs.


11. “Twisted Blue Metal” – Matthias Haker

This photo of blue-tinged metal stairs is practically mind bending. The angle makes it look more like a spiraling vortex than an actual staircase.


12. “Marta y Kiko” – Javier Sanchez

Granada, Spain boasts this lovely staircase. Even without the couple, the iron detailing and white marble gives it a romantic feel.


13. “Spinning Out of Control” – Ryan C. Anderson  

All the busy patterns on this staircase and the surrounding floors draw your eyes everywhere! The steps can be found in San Francisco, USA.


14. “The Drunken Painter & the Staircase” – Carsten Heyer

A long spiral staircase, found in Germany, with a touch of bright red coloring.


15. “Swirl” – Iain Blake

The Queen’s House in Greenwich, London is home to this stair case, known as The Tulip Stairs. It was the first set of stairs in England to have centrally unsupported helical stairs.



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