Smiling Shark Channels Inner Dog, Loves a Good Belly Rub


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A leopard shark seems to channel his “inner dog,” loving a good belly rub just like a canine. A video, showing the shark getting a belly rub by one of the aquarium staff at Caledonia’s Aquarium des Lagons, has been making waves online.

An aquarium posted the video on YouTube with a caption roughly translated to: “The aquarium’s leopard shark interrupts the technician while he is cleaning… to get his little daily cuddle.”

In the YouTube video, the staff member is seen swimming among the aquatic creatures and cleaning the tank, when a rather sizable, and curious, leopard shark swims over to take a look. Of course, legendary films like “Jaws” have shown the animals to be rather ferocious predators, so when the diver proceeds to gently flip it on its back and give what’s seen by many as a frightening creature, a belly rub, it’s seems to have shocked quite a few viewers.

The staffer gives the shark a rather lengthy belly rub – as the animal almost appears to be smiling, and rolls over as if he’s an excited dog. Vicious creature? Or animal that likes a little affection just like the rest of us? What do you think?