21 Sleepy Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart


Kittens spend a lot of time sleeping, but they also spend a lot of time running amuck and destroying your house. When your kitten finally does settle in for a nap it’s a nice chance to pick things up and then marvel over how stinking cute they look catching some ZZZ’s.

Cats normally sleep 16 hours a day, but kittens and senior cats can sleep for as much as 18 hours a day. Kittens prefer to sleep snuggled up to you, another animal or even a warm blanket as they are used to napping cuddled up with their brothers and sisters. In order to find this same warmth and comfort they will go to all kinds of lengths, and since they are so tiny they can fit just about anywhere, from shoes to pockets!

The sleepy kittens that made this list found the perfect spot to fall asleep and are now breaking the Internet with their adorableness.

1. Blue Jean Baby

cutest-sleeping-kitties-ever-102__605Photo Credit: sonicbomb

2. Nothing Like A Mother’s Warmth (Even If Her Grasp Is A Little Overbearing At Times)

cutest-sleeping-kitties-ever-101__605Photo Credit: sanddanglotka1988

3. You’ve Got A Friend In Me

sleeping-kitties-47__605Photo Credit: DrLionzilla

4. Sweet Dreams

cutest-sleeping-kitties-ever-106__605Photo Credit: Kestas Balciunas

5. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball Of Fur…

sleeping-kitties-1__605Photo Credit: Brivee 

6. Pocket Kitten

sleeping-kitties-30__605Photo Credit: cutestpaw.com

7. If The Shoe Fits!

sleeping-kitties-18__605Photo Credit: YessMartinez

8. Omar The Kitten Finds A Tissue Box To Crash In

sleeping-kitties-48__605Photo Credit: Fire_Above_Ice_Below

9. Don’t Even Think About Closing The Book Or Turning The Page

sleeping-kitty-23__605Photo Credit: Unknown

10. Best Pals Sleeping Off Crazy Kitten Antics

cutest-sleeping-kitties-ever-100__605Photo Credit: guremike

11. Fear and Punisher DVDs Support Sleepy Kitty

sleeping-kitties-29__605Photo Credit: zoodiary8

12. Hmmmm….

cutest-sleeping-kitties-ever-110__605Photo Credit: Unknown

13. Three Sleeping Kittens All In A Row

sleeping-kitties-21__605Photo Credit: Unknown

14. Every Cat’s Dream Bed

sleeping-kitties-46__605Photo Credit: ThePineTree

15. If It’s Warm Kittens Will Come

sleeping-kitties-33__605Photo Credit: Unknown

16. Sleepy Kitten Party

cutest-sleeping-kitties-ever-105__605Photo Credit: Laurie Cinotto

17. “Got A New Kitty. Got This Picture After He Ran Around For Hours.”

sleeping-kitties-41__605Photo Credit: Absinthecoma 

18. Well That’s One Way To Do It

2465472262_aa2a5688bf_o1__605Photo Credit: Essy

19. “My Fiancé Brought Home A New Kitty Today, I Was Not Amused, Then This Happened.”

sleeping-kitties-19__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

20. Best. Sleeping. Pose. Ever.

sleeping-kitties-31__605Photo Credit: Unknown

21. Kitten Pile!

sleeping-kitties-44__605Photo Credit: thingsaintjust

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