Sleeping In This Mountain Hut Is Totally Free–If You’re Willing To Climb 8,300ft To Get There


Looking for some free hotel accommodations? We’ve got you covered… but only if you are feeling up to hiking 8,300 feet up Foronon del Buinz Mountain. If you can make it against the cold, rocky terrain there is a beautiful house with epic views just waiting for you to inhabit it. The best part? This house is 100% free for those brave and skilled enough to make the epic climb to its doorstep.

The mountain peak hut is built in honor of the late mountain climber, Luca Vuerich. Back in 2012, Luca tragically passed away due to an unexpected avalanche while he was scaling the side of a waterfall. His left behind loved ones and family decided to commission this beautiful prefab wood house along the Ceria-Merlone trail in his name. From here hikers can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Julian Alps, as well a safe-haven away from the elements, a place to rest after a treacherous, but ever so rewarding climb.

From all angles this hut is truly fantastic…


The small but sturdy hut was designed by Giovanni Pasamosca, and the structure was physically put together by 12 hardworking hands. Since September 2012, hikers from all walks of life have enjoyed the unique location, accessible only to strong climbers with enough faith to see the journey all the way through.

Not only does traveling up to this house take guts, but so too did building the hut all those feet up in the air, and right near the edge of steep rocky cliff sides. Still, with panoramic views on all sides, this house is worth its weight in gold–if you are brave enough to reach it.


It wasn’t easy to build this mountain top masterpiece. Towering at such steep heights, a helicopter was required to make more than 18 separate trips in order to fly in all of the materials necessary. Building professionals, Luca’s friends, and mountain rescue crew members worked diligently together to complete the final 16 square meter structure. Perhaps the most incredible part is that it was completed in only one day.


This is truly a labor of love, for both Luca’s memory as well as all of the other climbers enjoying the same journey as Luca.


If you are able to brave the elements and make it to the top, you will find 9 beds waiting to greet your tired body. While you won’t be greeted by any 5-star accommodations, the basics are more than enough when faced with the alternative of sleeping outside in the cold and windy climate.


Even though this house was put together within a quick 24-hour period, no details were spared. Everything about the cabin is specially designed to help it survive through the harsh winter climates it is exposed to. 30 panels hold the entire building together. Looking closely you can see that the hut has a very unique shape, this has to do with making sure it can stand up to extremely large amounts of snow.


The chapel-like shape of the reinforced roof is crafted just so in order to prevent a large build up of snow from piling up on the roof. Also, the building is positioned facing south, so that any snow that does build up is able to melt and run down the building.


For those that are not willing, or able, to climb to such great heights, there are other huts found throughout the journey at lower elevations. Although, no one is guaranteeing anything for free unless you can make it all 8,300 feet up the mountain.

From here you can enjoy views, a cabin with a story, as well as some of the greatest natural slopes for skiing.



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Photo Credits: giovannipesamosca.comdesignboomdailymail