Stunning Skeleton Flower Becomes Translucent When It Rains


Imagine if you turned transparent the moment water touched your skin, wouldn’t that be a cool superpower? The Skeleton Flower is fully equipped with this awesome capability. In fact, whenever it rains the Skeleton Flower’s blossoms become completely clear. Just goes to show nature is full of the most magical surprises!

The white woodland blossom is technically known as Diphelleia grayi and can only be found in three locations around the world including China, Japan and the Appalachian Mountains in the US. The unique flower blooms in spring or summer and prefers moist, wooded mountainsides in colder regions.

When the flower isn’t wet and transparent its large, umbrella-shaped leaves can help easily identify it. If you’re still unsure just pour some water on top and see what happens! Water only temporarily alters the flowers without taking anything away. As soon as the water drains from the petals they return to a brilliant shade of white. Perhaps even more surprising, when the leaves shed every year they are replaced with blue berries.

You can see the flowers changing from white to see-through in the video below.

transparent-skeleton-flowers-in-rain-diphylleia-grayi-22Most of us only go for a hike when the weather is nice, during which time this flower will appear pretty but also rather ordinary. If you’re ever caught in a downpour while out exploring nature you will see these pretty flowers are anything but ordinary, instead they are quite magical.

Japanese Twiter user @Miki_2_ came across these transparent flowers while hiking in the rain. The many Twitter responses the photo received prove most people have never encountered this little gift of nature.

transparent-skeleton-flowers-in-rain-diphylleia-grayi-16“Skeleton Flower” seems like a creepy name for such a beautiful and delicate flower but at least it’s much easier to pronounce than the flower’s scientific name “Diphelleia grayi.”


Photo Credits: Minkara@Miki_2_, YouTube (h/t: MyModernMet)

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