Must-See Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies Playing On Reflective Frozen Lake In Russia’s Arctic Circle


Russian photographer Fox Grom captured these beautiful photos of Siberian Huskies playing on a thawing frozen lake with a stunning reflective surface. The lake is frozen but beginning to thaw out in places, which makes it look like the dogs are literally walking on water instead of ice. The ice has only begun to melt at the very top, leaving a thin layer of water above frozen ice.

Grom and his dogs live in Kirovsk in Murmansk Oblast, located near the northernmost region of Russia. In other words, Grom’s dogs have no issues with a little cold water, living to the north of the Arctic circle means these canines can handle some truly icy temperatures.

These gorgeous Siberian huskies playing around on the partially thawed lake are having a grand time! Perfectly happy dogs paired with a breathtaking backdrop makes you think anything is possible… after all, it looks like these dogs have mastered the skill of walking on water.


The Siberian husky is a gorgeous medium-sized dog, with a dense-coat that helps keep the cold out. Belonging to the Spitz family, this breed of working dog is known for having an outgoing, alert, friendly, gentle and intelligent temperament.


Playing fetch on a partially thawed lake seems risky, but the lake is actually frozen solid beneath the very top layer of thawed ice.





Taking a little sip of water along the way, how convenient!


Seriously, it looks like he is walking on water….


The way that the clouds reflect off of the mirror-like surface creates the illusion that these dogs are playing high up in the clouds.





Grom has a number of incredible photos that show off the harsh Arctic lands of Lapland, plus so much more. Check out his Vkontakte profile to see more of his work.


Photo Credit: Vkontakte