This Comedian Is Leaving Hilarious Shopping Tips In Grocery Stores


Going to your local grocery store can get a little mundane as you browse through the familiar items and stock your cart with your favorite foods. Comedian Jeff Wyaski is aiming to add some excitement to grocery shopping by adding hilarious shopping tips around the store.

Wyaski is the comedian behind Obvious Plant and the same guy who left hilarious new descriptions tacked up for a number of pet store animals, and his list of silly antics goes on and on.

The full-time jokester was spotted prompting grocery store customers to conduct lightsaber battles using baguettes, while advising those in the beverage aisle not to give Red Bell to the pigeons. He made sure to leave his signature notes behind so long after he was gone people would still have a chance to read his warnings and tips. Good thing he did because he offers some of the most hilarious shopping tips you’ve ever seen.

See for yourself by checking out Wyaski’s shopping tips below.