Self-Taught Street Photographer Surprises China With His Perfectly Timed Photos


Just a few months ago, Tao Liu was another face in the crowd, a man reading water meters for a living with his camera usually somewhere nearby. Today, Liu is known for so much more after some of his pictures went viral and caused quite a surprise in China.

Chinese street photographer Tao Liu has a natural knack for capturing the very best moments in his perfectly timed photos.

Street photography produces some awesome results. It captures the most natural moments unfolding in a particular place, at a particular time. What might go unnoticed forever is suddenly solidified by street photography. Check out Tao Liu’s awesome, perfectly timed street photography to see what all of the hype is about.

Quick, look! It’s the real Minnie Mouse! 


Tao Liu works as a water meter reader, which allows him to travel all around the city of Haifei, located in Eastern china. Being out and about every day gives Liu a unique perspective, granting him the opportunity to see some pretty wild things. This got Liu thinking he should photograph these unexpected moments.

About three years ago Liu bought a Fujifilm X100 and started taking photos of people on the streets during his lunch breaks and afternoon commute. As he aimed to improve his own photographs, he studied the works of others and read a great deal of books.

It took him a few years, but his passion has now paid off. Towards the end of 2014, Liu’s work went viral in China, and has since spread all over the world.

For the smell of butts…


32-year-old Liu has the perfect vantage point to see the streets of his city, the back of a motorbike.

Looking through all the wrong cans for the body


The side effects associated with sleep deprivation include hallucinations.


“Hello, world! Here I come!” 


Self-portrait perhaps? 


So that’s who the regular thief at the market place is!


Orange duck beak hat


When Liu sees something that catches his eye he makes sure to photograph the moment. He is always looking for the subtle things that most would simply walk by and miss. He does it all in hopes to, “remind people of the touching moments in life.”

That’s no way to handle a baby!


Instead of Hello Kitty shorts, this girl needs a pair of Hello Doggy shorts! 


China’s wildest mohawk award goes to:


They say there is a headless man that haunts these roadways.


Beware the perverts that lurk around the ice cream stand… 


This market is full of surprises, with a face beneath the grapes, and a man overcome by balloons. 


“He has a stroller just like me!” 


Half-dog, half-man 


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Busy catching birds and babies


Lui is self-taught, but not just by experience, also through a great deal of research. Magazines, photo books, and the Internet have all given him access to tools and tips to further enhance his street photography. Through Lui’s research he learned about famous Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, who he has since sought a lot of inspiration from for his own work.

Apparently Winnie The Pooh moved to China and had a child!


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Power couple 


Man trapped in a bike basket, help!


Baby bath!


Twining around at work


Liu’s awesome photos originally went viral on Chinese social media networks, and his story was soon picked up by local media outlets.

Hanging out with models all day is hard work


Animal scratch central… who let the pets out?!


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Photo Credits: FacebookFlickrLofter