Multi-Talented Artist Paints Seaside Murals While Balancing On A Surfboard


Painting stunning seaside murals that stretch larger than life takes a lot of talent, but what about painting a realistic mural while balancing on a surfboard in the water? It might seem like a task reserved for some crazy reality show, but it is actually something New York-based artist Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, does for fun.

Originally from Hawaii, Hula decided to take his street art as far from the land-based streets as possible.Instead of standing on solid ground he paints seaside murals standing, sitting and kneeling on his surfboard. Hula doesn’t let any unstable surface get to him, instead he and his acrylic paints go to work making some of the most breathtaking portraits that perfectly integrate with the ocean waters they are painted beside.

Hula searches for the prime locations to paint, such as concrete walls and abandoned buildings that touch up to the ocean. He then paddles out to his selected location and balances himself and his paints on his surfboard while he creates picture-perfect art the world can’t get enough of.


Just like any truly talented art form begs many different questions, Hula’s seaside murals are full of intrigue. For one, you can’t help but wonder if the rest of Hula’s beautiful paintings are hiding beneath the water. And, if you didn’t know this artist painted his art sitting on a surfboard you might also wonder how the art got there in the first place.


Hula’s surfboard seaside murals quickly went viral after he shared them on his Instagram. Yet, even before this he had already made a name for himself in the art community painting beautiful portraits of women on canvas as well as old surfboards.

Check out Hula’s official website and Instagram to see more of his stunning artwork.


Photo Credits: hulaaa.comInstagram

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