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7 Amazing Journeys That Should Be On Your Bucket List

If you’re looking for an unforgettable bucket list journey then look no further. Whether you want to travel by foot, boat or car then this list surely has a journey for you… 1. The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders, a man-made creation that’s as big […]

10 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Here we have a combined edition of some of the most amazing hotels in the world that is a must visit before you die. Although, there may be many who cannot afford these locations but most of us would love to spend some quality time with our family and friends in these fantastic places. So […]

If You Missed Last Week’s Perseids Meteor Shower These Photos Will Hold You Off Until Next Year’s Annual Show

Every year the Perseids meteor shower lights up the sky in the northern hemisphere as the oldest meteor shower known to modern mankind. In fact, the Perseids have been seen from Earth for over 2,000 years. Thanks to this year’s new moon the sky was pitch black, allowing the most dazzling display of all to […]

Fifteen of the world’s most gorgeous winter landscapes

With the falling snow, frozen lakes and hazy mornings, winter gives an absolutely opposite character to landscapes which might otherwise be colorful, lively and upbeat during the summers. There are those who find winters gloomy and depressing, but then there are those who look for joys in the snow and absolutely stunning scenery that the […]

24 Of The Best Photographs From 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

The Sony World Photography Awards is currently judging some of the best photographs for 2015, including both amateur and professional photographers. There are SO many entries to the Sony World Photography Awards that we highlighted a completely different set of incredible photos a few months ago. In total, last year’s competition received 173,444 submissions from over 171 countries, that’s […]

18 Of The Most Creative DIY Christmas Trees Ever

The Christmas tree remains a big part of winter celebrations, the smell alone brings back great memories and warm, fuzzy feelings. You can get yourself a living Christmas tree picked straight from the farm, or you can go for a fake tree that lasts after year. Either way, buying a tree is far from cheap, and unless you go with […]

15 Photos Reveal The Full Spectrum Of Autumn’s Colors

If you live in the northern hemisphere you are currently enjoying the changing seasons, the take over of fall. The weather is cooling down, the orange leaves are tumbling to the ground, and that crisp, cool air associated with autumn is present with every deep breath. I can’t help but think it’s magical we live […]