Incredibly Adorable Sand Cats Stay Kitten-Cute Throughout Their Lives

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Sand cats are a very unique, and endangered species, who seem to have found a real-life Neverland. The adorable felines retain a kitten-like appearance throughout their lives, looking as if they never grow up.

The smallest of all wild cats, they’re the size of domestic cats and are found in the deserts of northern Africa and central Asia. Because the animals live in vast, arid locations, they’re difficult to study. Their foot coverings allow them to walk on sand without sinking, leaving their footprints nearly invisible. They’ve also learned to crouch down and shut their eyes when a light is shone on them, preventing the light from reflecting their eyes for tracking. That combined with their protective coat color makes them blend right into their habitat.

Unfortunately they are threatened by habitat loss, hunting and collection for pet trade. The species went totally extinct in Israel due to habitat destruction following the territorial exchange between Israel and Jordan in 1994, but a litter of four sand cat kittens was recently born at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv.

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The adorable kitties are incredibly adapted to living in a harsh environment. They’re able to survive in temperatures between as lows as 23 degrees to 126 degrees Fahrenheit, and can even sustain themselves for months on the water in their food.

While you might want one as a pet, sand cats are prone to various respiratory illnesses, making them unsuitable to take home.

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