Russian Photographer Captures Fairy-Tale Scenes With REAL Animals


Animals and humans make the best of friends, but it’s not everyday you see a beautiful woman cuddling up to a VERY large bear. In fact, unless you are from somewhere as enchanted as Wonderland you may have never even seen a bear and a human so close before, that is until now.

Darya Kondratyeva is a Moscow-based photographer with an extra special talent– she photographs the most enchanting pictures you have ever seen. Pairing perfectly dressed models with awesome REAL animals she creates photos straight out of your wildest dreams. We are not talking about dogs and cats here, but bears, deer, camels, and more. Check out some of Kondratyeva’s amazing work from her collection titled ‘Miracle’; be prepared to be spellbound!


The question is, are these animals mystified with the models beauty, superimposed, or just really well trained? For the sake of everyone’s safety involved, the animals featured in Kondratyeva’s photos are trained to interact with humans and are 100% real!

Equally well trained are the gorgeous models Kondratyeva uses in her majestic photo shoots, these women literally look like fairy princesses, witches, Little Red Riding Hood and other out of this world characters.

Kondratyeva titles her animal inspired photos under “Miracle,” and perhaps it is a miracle for a bear and a human to become the best of friends.


Model: Irina Senkevich


When Kondratyeva is not taking pictures straight out of fairytales she works with families, babies, and pregnant mommies to create stunning photos. These photo shots also often incorporate gorgeous animals, and it’s clear from every shot this photographer captures that she creates magical portraits out of very special moments.

Kondratyeva also includes other unique details to her pictures; in one wedding shoot she even found a way to bring cell phones into one of the couple’s pictures for an unexpected, unique and very cute effect. But this post is all about the animals, which clearly steal the show time and time again.


Model: Aleksandra Okami

Riding atop a camel never looked so glamorous! Fun fact: did you know that a camel hump is made up of stored fat? And that when a camel is not able to get enough food or water their body can still sustain life by utilizing the stored up fat in their humps! With lovely lady humps like that, the camel in the photo below is clearly very well-feed.


Fox Hole 

Model: Martynova

Instead of going down the ‘rabbit hole,’ this version of wonderland includes a fox hole!


Red Riding Hood 

Model: Valerya Solov eva


Darya is one talented photographer! The Moscow-resident is 26-years old, happily married to Maxim Zelyony, and the proud mother of a 1-year old child.


How beary beautiful! Bears are emotional creatures that can feel happy or sad just like you and me. When raised alongside humans they can also make loyal companions, not that I (or anyone else) would recommend running out and purchasing a pet bear.


Maybe it is something in Russia’s water that provokes a desire to capture fairytale pictures, because Kondratyeva is not the only creative photographer in her area with the same idea. Many other Russian photographers are creating similarly incredible work. Interestingly, Russia just had their first Comic-Con this year, meaning cosplay is likely to be getting even more popular in the years to come–we can’t wait to see what Russian photographers and artists come up with next!

One of these talented Russian photographers is Margarita Kareva. Check out Margarita’s equally magical photos of humans and animals here!


Model: Tina Rybakova



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Photo Credits: dasha-kond.comVkontakte