Ridiculously Cute Puppy That Looks Like a Teddy Bear Becomes Instagram Star


Photo Credit:instagram.com/bearcot_tonkey

Meet Tonkey. A ridiculously cute puppy that is truly the living, breathing teddy bear you always wanted. All puppies are adorable, but you have to admit, Tonkey may be the cutest ever.

A couple of months ago, Christine Park, the owner of this puppy/teddy bear, who is actually a very fluffy bearcoat Shar-Pei, decided to create Tonkey her own Instagram account, in order to make friends for herself. As Park explains: “post photo of cute dog, cute dog attracts good-looking friends, good-looking friends want to hang out with me.”

It wasn’t long before she realized she’d created a monster. Tonkey already has nearly 37,000 followers – leaving Park in the dust when it comes to the number of new friends they’ve developed.

With a face like this, it’s not too surprising:


Though Tonkey is not always happy, particularly on shopping days, as she hates to shop.

tonkey3 cart

Unless she has a friend along, that is.


Park says that Tonkey is not a fan of Mondays, or baths. They will merely be tolerated but never enjoyed.

tonkey bath

Despite her all of her quirks. Tonkey is impossible not to love. After all, how could anyone resist this face?