Rescued Motherless Duckling and Childless Chicken Adopt Each Other

baby duck chicken

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In quite the heartwarming tale, a motherless duckling and childless chicken pair up to fill what was missing in each other’s lives.

The lonely little duckling was fated to become someone’s foie gras when it somehow managed to flee the factory farm in which it was raised – a place where ducks are force fed food so that their liver becomes enlarged and diseased.

baby duck

Meanwhile, a chicken at a nearby farm in the French countryside where one of the factory workers lived had spent months nurturing rotten eggs in hopes of a baby chick. Apparently, she even nurtured a chestnut when she mistook it for an egg. Though she lived with six other chickens and a rooster, she was “kind of an outcast,” hanging out and sleeping in the barn all alone.

childless chicken

The childless chicken seemed destined for a lonely life, that is, until the compassionate factory worker found the duckling. While many of the woman’s co-workers had become numb to the suffering of the little ducklings, she still has a heart for the adorable creatures. This duckling in particular seemed to be “very energetic and full of life,” according to her boyfriend’s post. It definitely didn’t want to “spend its life being force fed and wanted to see the light of the sun and grass,” he added.

So, the woman had a beautiful and compassionate idea: She brought the duck home and introduced him to the chicken. At first, they were both confused, but after a little human intervention and a few tries, the chicken and the duckling grew to like each other.

“Now the chicken fully recognizes the duckling as hers, and the duckling follows her everywhere,” states the original post.

What was once two loners, trying to make it on their own, has now become a happy little family.

chicken and duck