Photographer And His Rescued Dog Maddie Are Enjoying One Epic Adventure


Maddie the Coonhound is downright adorable, and she is also enjoying the adventure of a lifetime. Life hasn’t always been so easy breezy though, at least not until she was adopted by her current owner. After she was adopted, rescued dog Maddie originally gained notoriety as ‘Maddie on Things‘, but she is now gaining attention for something entirely different alongside her owner, photographer Theron Humphrey.

Humphrey’s latest photo series titled “four by three” is a touching documentation of the pairs’ adventures through the backcountries of America, and they are only just getting started. The fantastic duo plans to do most of their traveling by motorcycle. Maddie has her own sidecar attached so that she can ride right alongside Theron the entire journey.

Humphrey writes on his blog, “Out on the road I’m looking to photograph 25 unique stories focused on ladies who love motorcycles. This project is about having fun… We’re gonna avoid those interstates and say ‘Hi’ to the small dots on the map.”

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Theron Humphrey is truly a free bird. He was born and raised on the coast of North Carolina where he spent lots of time enjoying the natural world on his Granddad’s farm. He went to school in Savannah, GA and has since traveled to all 50 states in the US and met his best friend ever, Maddie the Coonhound.


He writes on his website bio, “These days I like to think my photography exists somewhere between that country living and city ideals. Images with roots and connections but excited about big lights and tall buildings.”

Humphrey’s work has been published by some of the biggest names, including National Geographic, NY Post, Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, and many more.


These two best pals are clearly living the dog-gone good life…dog-traveling-car-motorcycle-maddie-on-road-14

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