This Guy Replaced Pet Names In Local Pet Store With Hilarious New Labels


Comic genius Jeff Wysaski is always up to something new. This time he is taking his hilarious antics to his local pet store where he replaced pet names with their alter ego. Wysaski used the sign outside each animal’s cage, the one that usually tells you the type animal you are looking at and information about the breed, to inform prospective buyers what they were getting into.

Instead of a simple baby lizard, you are now getting a “Baby Godzilla Lizard,” who “loves to climb and destroy small towns,” and whose “Atomic breath is great for toasting marshmallows.” The actual pet for sale hasn’t really changed but their new descriptions sure make them seem more exciting! Except the poor turtle you will see down below, he was renamed “Regular Boring Normal Turtle,” not to be confused with a Ninja Turtle.

It’s not just the names this comedian changed; he also added some pretty hilarious descriptions for the pets to go with their new titles. Jeff writes, “Sometimes, you’ve just got to take it into your own hands to expand a store’s product line…”

See how replaced pet names can really change the appeal of these common pet store animals!

Baby Godzilla Lizard


Regular Boring Normal Turtle


Gym Rat


Fieri Hamster


Invisible Jenny


Judgmental Tree Frog


Haitian Voodoo Death Bird


Creeper’s Python


Photo Credits: pleated-jeans.comTumblrTwitter