Remember This Famous Napping Boy And Puppy? They Just Got A New Nap Friend– A Baby Sister


A while ago we introduced you to Theo and Beau, an adorable duo made up of one part baby and one part puppy. The two have enjoyed napping together since they first met, and no matter how big each of them grows they continue to slumber cuddled up close.

The napping cuties just got another addition to their ritual sleep parties, a sweet baby sister! The newest member of the cutest little power nappers is named Evangeline, or Evvie for short.

Beau and Evvie’s mom, Jessica Shyba is an avid blogger that has also created a book full of the adorable nap photos, which will soon be available for purchase on Amazon.


A few years back, Jessica’s two older children, Jack and Zoe, made a request to Santa Claus for a puppy. Living in New York at the time, the family was confined to a small apartment and the answer to a dog was a definite no.

Yet, shortly thereafter the family moved to California and found themselves with enough space for a dog. They started searching local shelters for the perfect candidate, which is when they came across lovable Theo. Only three days after taking Theo in, he and his new brother Beau took up napping together.


On her blog, Jessica shares that all of her children have thus far been great at taking naps, but Beau is the most dedicated sleeper of all. In fact, he actually expects his naps and welcomes them kindly, perhaps because he has the best dog ever to share his afternoon dreams with.

Jessica writes, “Lately, instead of me announcing that it’s time for “nite-nite”, Theo will already be waiting for Beau in our room at nap time, something that we both find endlessly hilarious and adorable.”


Jessica defines herself as a planner; she has to be running her own business while simultaneously looking after kids and pets. Evangeline’s nap schedule was something Jessica gave a considerable amount of thought to, as she wanted to coordinate it so that all of her little ones napped at the same time.

It wasn’t until very recently though that the three seemed to find their groove, napping all together like the big happy family they are. They will remain like this, all adorably tucked in together, for at least an hour.


Jessica never leaves her pack of sleeping cuties unattended, she always find something to do just a few feet away from the master bed where her trio naps.


Evangeline is the first to fall asleep, and Jessica will sit with Beau while he and Theo fall into a slumber shortly thereafter. Once everyone is sound asleep, Jessica will move Evangeline a little close, as she writes, “Honestly, they all sleep better when there’s another warm body and soft heartbeat right there next to them.”


Theo clearly has a special thing for Beau, as he continually finds a way to be right next to his brother.


Beau is certainly much bigger now, and so too is Theo! Pictured below are the pair when they first started napping together as tiny little tots.


Pictured below, the pair continued to grow and nap together…


Now, add in a baby sister to the mix and you’ve got one bed packed with too much cuteness to handle!


Jessica is trying not to get her hopes up that this adorable slumber party will last forever, instead she’s just enjoying every splendid afternoon she gets to witness her most valued possessions cuddled up close for a nap.



Check out even more adorable photos of these sleepy sweethearts on Jessica Shyba’s Instagram!

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